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Top Reasons to Join the Take a Break Travel

In many ways the world seems closer today than it has ever been before. With the power of the internet at your fingertips, the world is only a few clicks away. Traveling does more for the mind and soul than any other activity you could consider. Some people travel

A Couple’s Guide to a Perfect Motorcycle Vacation in Puerto Rico

When you come to the beautiful land of Puerto Rico with your love and your motorbike, you have all you need for a perfect vacation. The place is incredible and has some good routes for those who enjoy the ride. However, to make this trip truly amazing, you’ll need

When a Week in the Sun Isn’t Enough: Things to Consider with Longer Term Travel

Due to money and time restraints, most people only get the chance to go away for a week or two during the year. But if you’re ever in a position to go away for longer it’s well worth doing, not only is the break nice, but also you get

Cheap Accommodation for Travellers: 3 Options You Haven’t Thought Of

Hostels, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing all offer cheap accommodation for travellers, but these options are very popular. This means that unless you plan a few months in advance, you might not be able to get a place that fits within your budget.

Easy Guide to Air Travel Hacks, Born from Personal Experience

As a frequent flier, I’ve had my share of air travel troubles and they taught me a few things that I’d like to share. Some of these hacks aren’t related to the actual flight, but they are needed to make the overall experience stress-free.

Fit Your World in a Single Bag: 4 Tips for Packing a Carry-On

As I travel all the time, packing has turned into something of an art form. And while I understand that sometimes lugging a few bags is a must, I do my best to travel light.

How to Keep Your Passport Safe When Travelling

Over 40 million cases of lost and stolen passports are registered in the Interpol database. Considering that passport is your single most important document during travel, keeping it safe is your first priority. I’ll gladly share the steps I take to keep my passport and other documents from being

How to Pack for a Camping Trip: 3 Essential Tips

When you pack for a camping trip you need to be not only realistic about your needs but also ruthless in cutting out any non-essentials. I also strongly advise to use professional hiking gear as it’s lightweight and weather-resistant.

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