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There’s a whole world out there just waited to be discovered. Why not explore it together?

I am a proud travel addict with no intentions of ever finding a cure! Travelling has been my passion for as long as I can remember. The daughter of British parents, I spent my childhood in the beautiful provenances of Spain before returning back to the UK to study my desired subject, History.

Once I had my degree firmly tucked under my belt, the urge to travel once again reared its head, and I set off to travel the world. I guess you could say at this point it was pretty clear that I would never be settling down in the one place ever again!

Rome stole my heart and showed me there was an opportunity to make a living while doing what I loved best, and it was here where I discovered that my history degree could help others wanting to get the best from their traveling.

Determined to make this way of life mine, I then realized why not allow anybody interested in traveling to read about my experiences, regardless of what end of the globe they’re based at? This is where my blog was born.

This website is about bringing together my combined passion and encouraging you, the visitor, to actually get involved or take some form of inspiration from its words.

From new locations, old favorites, and off the beaten tracks to advice on how to travel and how to make the best of your journey, this blog has all you need to get started with your own traveling adventures. Best of all, I will be there to guide you every step of the way!

My Hobbies and Interests

  • Traveling the world! – An area I believe I excel in!
  • History – Combining my degree with my passion for the subject.
  • Teaching – Knowledge is power!
  • Offering Guided Tours – What better way to discover a country?
  • Coaching – I offer Skype coaching to all.
  • Blogging – This unique website is all my own creation!

Things I’m Good At

  • Discovering new places
  • Educating people about the history of the world
  • Communicating with all nationalities
  • Respecting all cultures
  • Getting the best from others
  • Writing travel related posts

People I Admire

  1. David Attenborough – Who doesn’t love David?
  2. Chris Packham – A devoted nature enthusiast.
  3. Jacques-Yves Cousteau – The hugely missed marine expert explorer and conservationist.
  4. Patrick Moore – The founder of Greenpeace.
  5. Tim Peake – A charming man!

Some inspiration for you to start traveling

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