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Airbnb for Beginners

Alongside traveling the world, many people like to offer their own dwellings to other people for them to enjoy when they visit their homeland.

An overwhelming number of properties are put onto the market daily through no other than Airbnb. If you’ve got the property, and indeed the time, Airbnb would be a great next move.

Create the Kind of Listing You’d like to See

What do you look for in the properties that you search for as holiday rentals? So many properties lay claim to sea views, picturesque landscapes and locations away from neighbors, when in fact nothing is further from the truth.

Take this into account when you create your Airbnb listing. You can still sell the not so good parts of your property by being truthful. Layout as much as you can upfront, so there’s no huge shocks for guests when they do arrive!

Honesty is the best policy here and will ensure that not only do you earn more from your property, but you also get those all-important high ratings.

Price Your Property Accordingly

The great aspect of Airbnb is that ALL properties are different both in and out, so you’ll never get the same one twice. However, that can make it harder for owners to price their own property before letting.

Look at those properties which offer similar services, and which fall into the same category as yours. This way you can gather a specific price range of what people would expect to pay to stay at your property.

Check out the Competition

Finally, keep an eye on what other properties continue to offer their customers. This way, you can work on improving, updating or even eliminating certain aspects of your property to keep it fresh and relevant. Ultimately, you can ensure that people return to you again and again.

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