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3 Offline Android Apps for Hikers That Can Save Your Life

Hiking is fun, great for your health, and a source of unique experiences that will enrich and strengthen your spirit. Yet, hiking is also risky, especially if you aren’t prepared for anything. Luckily, modern tech allows us all to become experts in life-saving subjects with a few clicks.

4 Personal Security Gadgets Every Traveller Needs Today

Being a traveller is exciting and fun, but sometimes a bit too exciting. As I love visiting popular tourist destinations as much as remote rural areas, I’m no stranger to the nastiness that preys on tourists.

Guide to Cleaning and Caring for Camera Equipment on the Road

If you travel with a camera, you need to know how to care for it properly, especially if you own high-end equipment. I’m not a professional photographer, but luckily the tips for cleaning and maintaining a camera in good condition are simple.

Tips for Buying the Best Gear: How to Choose the Best Hiking Boots

One thing I’ve learned from my years of travelling the world is that having a pair of extra-comfy boots is the most important thing for a tourist. I love hiking boots because they are not only good for hikes, but basically are the comfiest footwear ever. However, you’ll need

Techno Living on the Go: 6 Necessary Gadgets for a Modern Nomad

Are you a modern nomad, much like I am? If so, we’re in luck as today one can indulge in this lifestyle to the fullest and enjoy exploring the world while making money on the go. The thing that makes it possible is the amazing technology we have.

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