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Country of Beautiful Diversity: 4 Places You Must See in Costa Rica

Over the last few years of my life I’ve travelled to dozens countries, and each was beautiful and special in its own way. However, few places on planet Earth can compare to Costa Rica in the sheer diversity of formidable landscapes. If you are a lover of nature’s beauty, this is a heaven for you. It’s impossible to explore Costa Rica in a single vacation, unless you move around it all the time. There are just too many incredible places to see in this country. But if you need a few tips on where to start, these locations are the most outstanding in my opinion:

Most Beautiful Places to See in Costa Rica

1. Corcovado National Park

Costa Rica has a great many national parks, and I personally believe the entire country should be considered one. Choosing the best one is impossible, but Corcovado is definitely the first you should visit. It’s a piece of misty rainforest in all its natural glory. It’s brimming with wildlife and will show you a glimpse of the fantastic beauty of this country.

2. Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve

Go to Monteverde to see a grander piece of rainforest and hundreds of birds and mammals inhabiting it. The track won’t be easy, so wear your hiking boots and bring lots of water. The Sky Walk in the reserve is an incredible experience and no other place in Costa Rica showcases its natural diversity better.

3. Cano Negro Wildlife Refuge

Cano Negro is a place for animal lovers who want to see the dwellers of this beautiful land. Here you can not only marvel at these majestic animals but also learn about them from the friendly staff and contribute to the efforts of their preservation.

4. Tabacon Hot Springs

A small heaven for blissful self-indulgence, Tabacon Hot Springs are the perfect place to relax in nature’s warm embrace. Relaxing in one of these springs is a fantastic experience, but bear in mind that they are extremely popular. This means you have to book months in advance.

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