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What Essentials to Take in Your Carry-On Bag

Whether I’m taking a short commuter flight or a half day transatlantic flight, my carry-on bag is my essential companion which I never really deviate from when packing.

The last thing I want to do when I’m air bound is discovering that I’ve left behind one of the most treasured items that I’d struggle to get through a flight without!

This is everything that I pack in my carry-bag each time I fly to a destination:

Sleeping Aids: This includes my small but extremely comfy travel pillow, an eye mask and of course those all-important earplugs! I’ve been on too many flights over my lifetime to risk not taking either one of these items and I will always aim to recharge my energy levels during this time.

Compression socks: I know that they may not look the most fashionable of items, but they sure do offer protection against possible swelling and DVT.

Vapour Bottles: Though certain airlines are restricting liquids being taken onto flights, you still need to keep hydrated throughout the journey. I have combatted this issue, which is also great when reducing space, by investing in a couple of vapor bottles. These can be folded into the bag and filled up once on board.

Hand Sanitizer: I never travel anywhere without this, and that includes when I fly. Not only is it good to keep those germs at bay, but hand sanitizer is also the quickest way to make you feel cleaner in an instant, which is great when you’ve spent hours in a confined space.

Towelettes: Slightly thicker than regular wipes, fragranced towelettes are great for when you can’t take a shower, and the flight is hot and stuffy!

Electronics: Tablet, phone, and camera – I’m sure these items need no explaining!

Wisp Mini Toothbrushes: These ingenious brushes need no water or rinsing, and you can freshen up in seconds.

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