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When in France, Make Sure You Attempt These 3 Sumptuous French Dishes

When in France, it seems that the phrase, do as the French do only applies to selective foods when the discussion comes to cuisine!

From baguettes to crepes and snails to frog’s legs, speak to many people who haven’t stepped on French soil and chances are these are the first types of food groups which they’ll reel off, when you mention the Parisian palate.

Yet, having visited the stunning country before, I can tell you personally that there are 3 French dishes which you really should give a go while you experience the French way of life.

Grilled Oysters Accompanied by Champagne and Saffron

Firstly, let’s start with a most sumptuous accompaniment to a meal, usually delivered as a starter in France, and that is grilled oysters with champagne and saffron.

From my experience, the French love and therefore take their oysters very seriously in their cooking!

For some, it can be a case of love them or loathe them, but they are undoubtably seen as a more luxurious of food choices.

Beef Bourguignonne

Though for some, this dish is undeniably rich and heavy in texture, beef bourguignonne is certainly a hearty choice which will warm you up on a cold and miserable day.

Not to everybody’s taste, considering it’s a wine-rich dish, this is undeniably a wonderful meal, especially when it’s made from scratch in France.


A personal favourite, cassoulet is a speciality in certain areas of France and a meal which instantly warms your heart, such is its traditional make up.

Though, certain individuals may contest exactly what types of ingredients should be included in this dish, typically those of the more experienced locals, there’s no doubt that this is a meal which is simplistic in its ingredients but extravagant in its overall taste!

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