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Working Abroad as a Handyman: Do You Still Need Insurance?

Are you an expat looking to bring in some extra money? Perhaps you have just moved to a new country and you are ready to start your new life. Whatever the reason, if you are a handyman working in a foreign country then you still need to know about restrictions which may apply to you. One such item that will always apply to you is the question of whether or not you need insurance.

Do You Need It?

The short answer here is yes. You will need insurance to keep you covered while you work. It does not matter that you are abroad. You are still going to need some sort of insurance to offer you and your business protection.

There is no way to know when your business will have a claim made against it. Insurance helps to protect you in such a situation. Whether you are conducting business at home or abroad, you need to ensure that you are covered.

What Sort of Insurance Will You Need?

So, what kind of insurance will do? There are many variations out there and you need to know which ones are right for you.

The first absolute must is Handyman Liability Insurance. This will help to cover you against anything that might go wrong when you are completing a job. Whether it is a client’s child tripping over your toolbox or something malfunctioning after the job is complete, there are many things that could go wrong. Even if it is something out of your control, your former client may decide to file a claim. Liability insurance can help protect you against such claims.

You should also make sure that your tools are insured in some way. Your tools are the most important pieces of equipment you own and you need to ensure that they are adequately protected. They form a tempting target for thieves; be it opportunistic thieves lifting something from your toolbox while your back is turned or a more planned attack which sees your van broken into in the middle of the night. Replacing tools can be expensive. Luckily tool insurance helps with any replacement costs in the event of theft.

Finally, you may have a van to help you get around between jobs. This is just as important as your tools. You will need general motor insurance to help with breakdowns but you also need to get specialised commercial insurance in case of any accidents involving your vehicle on private property. If someone sues you for accidentally running over their dog, you are going to need some way to protect yourself.

Get Covered Today

No matter where you find yourself, you are going to need insurance to be able to work. It is too risky to attempt to work without it as one bad claim can put you out of business. Take the sensible road today and start shopping for insurance to help protect your business. You never know when and why you may need to make a claim.

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