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Easy Guide to Air Travel Hacks, Born from Personal Experience

As a frequent flier, I’ve had my share of air travel troubles and they taught me a few things that I’d like to share. Some of these hacks aren’t related to the actual flight, but they are needed to make the overall experience stress-free.

4 Air Travel Hacks for a Stress-Free Trip

1. Double-Check Legal Entrance Regulations

Paperwork is the bane of any world traveller’s existence. Some countries have absolutely ridiculous entrance requirements. For example you can only enter South Africa if you have no less than two blank pages in your traveller’s passport. To save yourself the stress of getting stuck at the customs, be sure to double-check all legal regulations and get two copies of all essential documents, just in case.

2. Get the Airline’s Customer Service Number on Speed Dial

Should your flight get cancelled or if you experience any other trouble that requires the help of a gate agent, call the customer service instead. Operators can do all the same things, but faster and with no stressful lines. The best strategy is to call while in line so you don’t miss any chance.

3. Use the Power of Lost and Found

First, if you do lose something, be sure to check all Lost and Found offices around as different airport services have their own.

If you are in a desperate need of some simple item, like a power cord, phone charger, etc., go to the closest Lost and Found. According to regulations, items that have been around for over 90 days can be given away or disposed of. If you are honest and desperate, the people working there will gladly help you.

4. Be Proactive in Asking for Help and Services

Airport attendants are often overstressed and will rarely go out of their way to offer helpful suggestions. So be sure to ask for help and find out what kind of extra services the airport offers. I suggest starting with researching the websites and talking to people on traveller’s forums and social media.

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