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5 Top Places to Visit in Nepal

For adventure, culture and spectacular natural wonders, Nepal is the destination to be. With a plethora of temples, national parks and mountains to squeeze in, it’s best to plan a detailed itinerary before you head off. For a little pre-travel inspiration, here come five of the truly unmissable places

The Experiences You Can’t Miss in Australia

The number of destinations and activities recommended for a trip to Australia can be dizzying. Arguably more than any other country, Australia represents a whole different world to a lot of people around the world, and as such it inspires limitless intrigue.

3 Places to See in Ontario, Canada’s Natural Treasure Trove

If you think Ontario, Canada has nothing special to offer except Niagara Falls, I’m here to prove you wrong. This province has over a dozen incredible parks and that’s not to mention all the interesting museums, attractions, and monuments located in Toronto and Ottawa.

A Spiritual Journey: 3 Must-See Buddhist Temples in India

India is one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever seen and there is no doubt a lot to explore here. When I first arrived to this place, I was at a loss of where to go as everything seemed interesting. I let my passion for Buddhism guide me

British Monuments in India: Alien Elegance in the Ancient World

The history of British presence in India is full of ugliness and darkness. As a Brit, I know there are many things to be ashamed of on behalf of my ancestors. Yet, some of the things they created in this lush ancient world enhanced its beauty.

Country of Beautiful Diversity: 4 Places You Must See in Costa Rica

Over the last few years of my life I’ve travelled to dozens countries, and each was beautiful and special in its own way. However, few places on planet Earth can compare to Costa Rica in the sheer diversity of formidable landscapes. If you are a lover of nature’s beauty,

Winter in Peru: When to Go and What to Do?

Peru is a huge and incredible country with diverse climate zones and a rich history. It’s a popular vacation destination. But one thing I’ve discovered personally is that following the regular vacation season calendar is a bust if you want to visit this country.

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