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5 Truths About Working on a Cruise Ship You Need to Know

Truths about working on a cruise ship told by people who do this make the job seem very un-glamorous. You definitely need to be aware of some of them before you join the crew. However, don’t take this as a cautionary tale against working on a ship.

4 Tips for Managing Your Airbnb from Half Across the World

Putting up your flat on Airbnb to fund your travelling is one of the best ideas you can get. This way your property will be working for you 24/7 (depending on how popular it is) and you basically get ‘free’ money.

3 Offline Android Apps for Hikers That Can Save Your Life

Hiking is fun, great for your health, and a source of unique experiences that will enrich and strengthen your spirit. Yet, hiking is also risky, especially if you aren’t prepared for anything. Luckily, modern tech allows us all to become experts in life-saving subjects with a few clicks.

3 Places to See in Ontario, Canada’s Natural Treasure Trove

If you think Ontario, Canada has nothing special to offer except Niagara Falls, I’m here to prove you wrong. This province has over a dozen incredible parks and that’s not to mention all the interesting museums, attractions, and monuments located in Toronto and Ottawa.

3 Things to Consider Before You Start Teaching English in China

Teaching English in China is a great way to explore this huge and mysterious country as well as get some experience in one of the most fulfilling jobs in existence. China also has plenty of opportunities for English teachers, even if you don’t hold a degree.

A Spiritual Journey: 3 Must-See Buddhist Temples in India

India is one of the most fascinating countries I’ve ever seen and there is no doubt a lot to explore here. When I first arrived to this place, I was at a loss of where to go as everything seemed interesting. I let my passion for Buddhism guide me

4 Personal Security Gadgets Every Traveller Needs Today

Being a traveller is exciting and fun, but sometimes a bit too exciting. As I love visiting popular tourist destinations as much as remote rural areas, I’m no stranger to the nastiness that preys on tourists.

4 Tips for Beginner Online Tutors That’ll Get You More Money

I’m always on the lookout for more effective methods of making money online to support my travelling lifestyle. Being an online tutor is a profession I find most appealing. It allows you to set your own hours and work from anywhere, including a sunny beach.

British Monuments in India: Alien Elegance in the Ancient World

The history of British presence in India is full of ugliness and darkness. As a Brit, I know there are many things to be ashamed of on behalf of my ancestors. Yet, some of the things they created in this lush ancient world enhanced its beauty.

Cheap Accommodation for Travellers: 3 Options You Haven’t Thought Of

Hostels, Airbnb, and Couchsurfing all offer cheap accommodation for travellers, but these options are very popular. This means that unless you plan a few months in advance, you might not be able to get a place that fits within your budget.

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